Vietnamese for Busy People 2

A practical and easy method for learning authentic Vietnamese.

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Thưa quý vị giảng viên - To the teacher

  Vietnamese for Everyone 2  is designed to teach students high basic Vietnamese. As the contents has shown, the first part of the material should be previewed thoroughly by the students, and they should be drilled as much as needed.  This helps students learn to review all essential points introduced in Vietnamese for Busy People 1. Once they have covered this part, they will be able to read Vietnamese sentences with correct intonation, enunciation, and thought group division. This leads them to speaking fluent Vietnamese. Of course, a little hard work is always necessary.
For non-heritage students, it is important to review all unfamiliar sounds or sounds at unfamiliar position in a word. For instance: These are unfamiliar sounds to non-heritage like ă, â, ư or dagraph tr. Or sounds that are found at unfamiliar position to an Enlish speaker: [ŋ] for ng or ngh. This sound occurs at the beginning of many Vietnamese words, and at the final position of a word, whereas in English it only appears at the end of a word. What is special about the final C_ and NG_ is that they will be bilialized when preceeding by the back vowels o, ô or u.
For heritage students, it is important that they be introduced terms with different tonal marks – like low rising versus high broken, and the meanings these marks create.
The second part consists of ten lessons. Each lesson covers one topic related to day-to-day activities, such as greetings, telling time, and so on, in the form of dialogs and a reading. Students taking online classes are expected to watch the video clips for these dialogs and listen to the reading for listening skill. The vocabulary part covers terms not only used in the dialogs and the reading, but also expanded to a broader setting to help students advance more rapidly in building their vocabulary. They may choose to work their way through the entire section. However, the instructor may choose to teach whatever terms seem most useful.
(except from To the Teacher section)

Mục lục  - Table of Contents

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