Vietnamese for Busy People 1

A practical and easy method for learning authentic Vietnamese

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KendallHunt Publishing Company
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Lời nói đầu -- Foreword 

The development of this instructional material came about due to the need for a textbook for an elementary Vietnamese online course proposed by Coastline Community College, which started in the spring of 2005.
      The textbook’s target learners are non-native speakers of Vietnamese and/or Vietnamese generations born abroad, whose Vietnamese is considered a foreign or a second language. It consists of three parts concentrating on the four skills of language learning – listening, speaking, reading and writing simple standard Vietnamese.
      The preliminary part covers everything about the Vietnamese orthography and pronunciation that learners will enjoy learning. This part introduces the Vietnamese sound system based on the standard and simple Vietnamese, which in the long run, can easily be modified to cope with the speaker’s awareness of dialectal preference. It describes the phonological features in comparison with English similarities and differences. Learners are encouraged to thoroughly repeat this part many times so as to familiarize themselves with the spelling and pronunciation of language before starting the main part.
      The second or main part consists of ten lessons, which cover ten topics related to daily activities of typical Vietnamese people in the United States. This book can be used either for two quarter-sytem classes or for two semester-system classes at elementary levels.

(excerpt from the Foreword)

Listening: Please click on the corresponding Practice in the Preliminary Part to listen and repeat. 

Phần mở đầu - Giới thiệu ngôn ngữ Việt Nam
Preliminary Part - An Introduction to the Vietnamese Language 
Trong mục này quý vị có thể xem qua phần lịch sử, các đặc tính tiếng Việt, chữ viết, và bài tập phát âm & luyện giọng
In this part you will quickly skim over the language history, language characteristics, writing system and sound practices.

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Preliminary Part
Practice 3A
Practice 16
Practice 26Ac
Practice 4
Practice 17
Practice 26Ad

Mục lục - Contents
Nên xem qua nội dung để thấy nó thực dụng đến mức nào.
​It's a good idea to skim over this part to see how practical it is. 

Practicer 5
Practice 18
Practice 26Ae
Practice 26Ag
Practice 6
Practice 19
Practice 26Ah
Practice 7
Practice 20
Practice 26Ai
Practice 8
Practice 21
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Practice 26Ak
Practice 9
Practice 22
Practice 10
Practice 23
Practice 26Al

Trả lời bài tập - Key to Practices

Practice 11
Practice 24
Practice 27
Bài/Lesson 1
Bài/Lesson 6
Practtice 12
Practice 25
Practice 27B
Bài/Lesson 2
Practice 26
Practice 13
Bài/Lesson 3
Practice 26Aa
Practice 14
Bái/Leesn 4
Practice 26Ab
Practice 15
Bài/Lesson 5