Ca Dao Viet Nam - Vietnamese Folk Poetry


When the Vietnam War ended in 1975, millions of Vietnamese people fled their country to seek freedom. And since then people all over the world started to know about the miserable plight of Vietnamese refugees. However, a thorough understanding of the Vietnamese way of life, way of thinking is still vague in the eye of the natives of the countries they immigrate to.

In that situation, I would like to contribute one cultural aspect of the Vietnamese by dedicating myself to a research in Vietnamese folk poetry, which reflects the authentic customs of the Vietnamese. This book will give the reader a general view of the role of folk poetry in Vietnamese literature, its structures, styles and forms covering all themes and sub-themes of this type of literarture; each theme and sub-theme will be typified with one or two pieces of poems, namely ca-dao.

The utmost expectation of this collection is to enhance the understanding between the newcomers and the local dwellers of the country where the Vietnamese consider their second homeland. In the long run, this book will be helpful for the second Vietnamese generation abroad and their descendants. It works as a reminder of the literary beauty of their origin.
Hopefully, readers will find this collection useful when they wish to get an insight about the language and Vietnamese people.